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July 26 – 29, 2017, Chicago, IL, USA

Educational Program

We Are Committed to Training

More than 2,000 automotive professionals were trained by industry leaders at Automechanika Chicago 2015, and we heard one common message following the inaugural event:
We want more training.

Thus the Commitment to Training one-day events were launched. Throughout 2016, more than 300 automotive professionals from mechanical and collision repair shops around the United States took advantage of no-cost, training at these three events.

Our one-day training events brought together some of the best trainers in the country, many of whom will lead classes at NACE Automechanika. Events were held at prominent colleges around the Midwest, and attendees studied technical and management courses, all built around today’s trends and techniques for a changing automotive landscape. Many attendees of these one-day events also attended training at Automechanika Chicago 2015, and said they were excited for the local classes offered during an off year.

In fact, the majority of professionals who trained at our three one-day events said they plan to attend NACE Automechanika Chicago and would refer their friends!

Speaker talking to audience at seminar

What Your Peers Are Saying

“We are excited to be able to partner with Automechanika Chicago to bring together industry professionals and faculty as they learn the latest changes in the field.”

Brandon Tucker, Dean of Advanced Technology & Public Service Careers for Washtenaw Community College

“[Partnering with Automechanika Chicago] also allows us to showcase our world-class facilities and equipment. Partnerships like this only strengthen the skillset of our faculty and in turn the students in our programs."

Brandon Tucker, Dean of Advanced Technology & Public Service Careers for Washtenaw Community College

“[This partnership] allows us to make collision repair technicians, damage appraisers & anyone involved in the process, more aware of the intricacies associated with repairing damaged automobiles."

Dan Poeschel, Associate Dean – Transportation at Fox Valley Technical College

“[Automechanika Chicago’s Commitment to Training] offers the perfect opportunity for technicians to network and learn from industry experts and from each other."

Dan Poeschel, Associate Dean – Transportation at Fox Valley Technical College

What’s In It For You?

Training. Education. Networking. Here are TEN things you’ll get out of NACE Automechanika Chicago.

  • Learn from OEM suppliers: Several manufacturers who produce parts and systems for automakers will lead courses covering the changing systems you see in your shop.
  • Educating the educators: Take courses designed especially for today’s automotive teachers to help them improve what they teach and how they teach it.
  • Understanding collision repair today: Whether you’re a painter, welder, estimator or a manager in a collision repair shop, training courses walk you through this regulated environment.
  • Peer-to-peer help: Training doesn’t stop with our trainers! Learn from your fellow automotive pros and see how they’re handling the same problems you’re experiencing.
  • Diagnostics. Diagnostics. Diagnostics: No matter what system you work on, you first have to find the cause, not just the end result. These courses are the best way to become a better diagnostician.
  • What you didn’t know you needed: Stroll the show floor and talk with manufacturers and systems providers. Find out what’s new and what’s coming up that will put you ahead of the competition.
  • Connectivity: Whether you connect with a shop of the same size in your state, across the country or with a trainer willing to help you out after hours, the connections you’ll make are priceless.
  • Manage yourself: If you’re ready to fulfill the mantra of working on your business not in it, these courses will show you how to budget, hire, train and much, much more as an effective manager.
  • Be your customers resource: Distributors, jobbers and retailers have a place at NACE Automechanika! From learning these techniques for themselves to guiding customers to the event, you can cement your place in customers’ minds as a go-to, expert resource.
  • Go under the car: From TPMS to emission controls, brakes and more, get under the car and see how these systems have evolved, where they’re headed and how to fix them right the first time.

Your manufacturing partners understand that you want training, that you need it to succeed and that they are a vital part of that. These tremendous industry leaders are sponsoring NACE Automechanika Chicago, making it possible for mechanical management and technical courses to be offered at no charge.

Look over the incredible course offerings now and find the training sessions that fit your needs. We cover drivability, electrical, underhood, undercar, management and educator needs in a variety of classes from top trainers and manufacturers. Registration is open, so sign up now to commit yourself to training and becoming a better automotive professional!